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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services North London Prices from £105

Have you ever had to face the horrors of cleaning after particularly negligent and unkempt tenants?

You know the type – obnoxious, messy and acting as though they have never picked up a mop before. If you’ve had to deal with such nuisances at the end of a tenancy lease, then you’re well familiar with the feeling of dreading the possibility that your new tenants might see something grotesque left behind by the previous ones. With the services of End Of Tenancy Cleaning you won’t have to shiver with disgust ever again!


  • Walls – dusted and free of spots, marks and cobwebs
  • Doors – dusted and wiped from top to bottom
  • Door handles – wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints
  • Windows – wiped and polished from top to bottom
  • Window sills – wiped and clean
  • Window ledges – wiped and clean
  • Window handles – wiped and polished
  • All work surfaces (such as kitchen countertops) – washed and sanitized; clean
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out, wiped; clean
  • Wall tiles – free of stains, mould and grease, washed and polished; clean
  • Sink and taps – descaled, washed, sanitized, polished; dry and clean
  • Internal rubbish bins – empty, cleaned inside and out
  • Fridge and freezer – internally and externally clean
  • Microwave – wiped from inside and outside; clean
  • Wall tiles – cleaned, descaled, polished and mould-free
  • Radiator and towel rail – clean
  • Taps and fittings – descaled, free of mould, clean and polished
  • Basin – cleaned, descaled, dried and polished
  • Soap dispenser – clean
  • Toothbrush glass – clean and polished
  • Bathtub – wiped, descaled, sanitised, polished
  • Beds – clean (any wood, glass or metal parts – polished)
  • Reading lamps – clean
  • Mattresses – vacuumed from both sides; clean
  • Bedroom storage units
  • Waste paper baskets – empty and clean
  • Stairs and banisters – dust-free, clean

Why to Choose our Cleaning Services

  • Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents
  • Latest professional equipment used
  • REAL professional cleaners you can trust
  • More free time for the things you love to do
  • Years of experience in all areas of cleaning
  • We provide Local Cleaning Services in London
  • Fully vetted and trained Cleaning experts
  • Free quotes available with no hidden charges
  • Great deals/discounts on our Cleaning Services
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Cleaning after tenants requires hard work and effort, devoting precious fragments of your time, spending money on a vast variety of cleaning supplies, and lastly – having a strong stomach. Filthy tenants not only leave disgusting messes behind, but there’s a strong probability that your house or apartment could be infested with numerous germs, thus becoming the playground of pests like rodents, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches and so forth.

Your tenants didn’t care much for housekeeping during their stay and now you are the one who has to face the nauseating consequences of their negligence. Dusting, washing, scrubbing, scouring, spraying, deodorising, mopping, vacuuming – all of these and other similar indispensable chores are a necessity after the tenants have moved out, regardless of how well-maintained (or not) they have left your home. These chores will eat up your time, get on your nerves, make you angry and frustrated, and leave you feeling as though you’re covered in the most repulsive substances known to mankind.

But why should you go through such hell and all the way back in order to be sure that everything will once again be in ideal condition for the new tenants?

Our experts at End Of Tenancy Cleaning will easily do it for you!

We’re working with professionals who know perfectly well what they’re getting themselves into. Moreover, our veterans use top-notch supplies, they are thorough in every single phase of the annoying end-of-tenancy cleaning process, they will do their magic in a timely manner during whatever working hours are best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Instead of worrying about getting your hands dirty, you can simply lie back and let the well-trained heavy artillery do the work for you!

Sure, everyone can clean and everyone can take out the trash.

However, not everyone is a professional expert in getting rid of the unthinkable filth left behind by your tenants. They didn’t care about keeping up your house or apartment in the condition they rented it in. So why should you trouble yourself by contemplating on whether you’ll need to buy out the cleaning supplies at your local store and whether you’ll have to invest your entire weekend into cleaning up after those disgusting tenants?

More Reasons to choose our End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in North London

  • You can hire our team at a day and time of your choice
  • You can contact us at any time to ask about our services
  • Free cleaning quotes available with no hidden charges
  • Detailed cleaning services check-list
  • All our cleaning technicians use advanced clean up methods
  • End of tenancy cleaning teams up to 4 technicians
  • Our Cleaning teams cover all North London Areas
Studio £85.00
1 bedroom property with 1 bathroom £120.00
2 bedroom property with 1 bathroom £140.00
3 bedroom property with 2 bathrooms £200.00

Congestion charge + parking fee may apply.

Stop dreading the idea of wasting a small fortune on detergents for that extremely time-consuming and vomit-inducing cleaning spree. Forget about the horrors left behind by those obnoxious tenants. Leave the hard work to our experts and enjoy all of the time and money, which End Of Tenancy Cleaning can and will save you!

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